Introduction Flow

STEP1Leak Test Request

We will ask about customer requirements

"We need to carry out leak (air tightness) testing." "We want to improve measurement accuracy."
"We want to reduce the time taken during testing." "We want to improve the measurement environment."

Entry into the Business Inquiry Sheet

We will provide testing proposals that meet the required conditions,
based on Fukuda's experience and knowhow.

We have a wide range of solutions, from air leak testing, flow rate testing, hydrogen leak testing, to helium leak testing.


We carry out experiments to consider the testing condition and seal methods.

- We will borrow a sample of the work (test product) for experiments at Fukuda
- Fukuda visits the customers to do on-site experiments

Experiments by customers

We are also able to lend out our testers.

STEP3Discussion of the final specification


- Proposal using our (custom-build) equipment
- Tester unit

STEP4Purchase order

Dispatch of our product

STEP5Installation into the production line
STEP6Evaluation/process performance evaluation
STEP7After-sales service


Regular inspections

Improvement proposals (including the maintenance of the measurement environment)

Request for Estimate/Demo test/Repair. Please feel free to ask me.