What is Electric Pneumatic Regulator?

Fukuda-developed electric pneumatic regulators that control pressure/flow rate with high repeatability(Accuracy: ±0.1%).

Electric Pneumatic Regulator

APU series
High Accuracy Electric Pneumatic Regulator
APU series

APU is an electro-pneumatic regulator that offers high-speed control and highly accurate measurement by setting control sensors at two locations; inside the main body and on the work side. FUKUDA provides a wide range of lineup for small flow rate to large flow rate. Flow rate control specifications are also available in addition to pressure control specifications. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Sensor sensitivity can be selected.
Model Accuracy
SX-100D ±0.15% of F.S.
SX-34 ±1.0% of F.S.
Basic specification
Pressure range -93kPa〜990kPa
Operating Voltage DC±15V(0.2A)
Control Voltage Please refer to the catalog.
External Dimensions Please refer to the catalog.

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