Standard Type

With Auto-calibration Function
Auto-calibration Air Leak Tester
FLZ-0620 series

An air-leak tester with improved leak volume precision, which converts its results based on auto-calibration for effects of environmental changes (both ambient temperature and pressure etc.)

  • Improved precision of leak sensitivity through auto calibration based Flow standards
  • Improved testing precision from a stabilized zero point
  • Separation of the testing station (Greater homogenization of test part and sensor environments)
Basic specification
Pressure Range -90kPa~990kPa
Flow Standard [Specified Pressure]
Positive Pressure 10kPa〜800kPa G
Negative Pressure -80kPa〜-10kPa G

[Specified Flow Rate]
Positive Pressure 0.10mL/min〜200mL/min
Negative Pressure 0.10mL/min〜50mL/min
*Support is provided with special specifications when test pressure is 5-10kPa G or 800-990kPa G.
Power Source AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Applied Current 100VA
(Unit: mm)
Display Unit
: W162×H256×D345
Air Pressure Unit
: W123×H221×D176
*Excluding extruded sections
Display Unit
: Approx. 7kg
Air Pressure Unit
: Approx.5kg
FLZ-0620 series
FFM-100 series

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