Separated Type

LPU-100/024 series
Separated Type
Air Leak Tester Independent Type Leak Pressure Unit
LPU-100/024 series

This leak tester is a tester unit of only the pneumatic circuit intended to be embedded in automated equipment. A complete air leak tester can be composed by pairing a separate display unit.

Basic specification
Pressure Range -100kPa〜990kPa
Power Source LPU-100 : AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
LPU-024 : DC24V±10%
Applied Current LPU-100 : 100VA or below
LPU-024 : 45W or below
External Dimensions (Unit: mm) W170×H207.5×D200
*Excluding extruded sections
Mass Approx. 6.4 kg

Request for Estimate/Demo test/Repair. Please feel free to ask me.