Compact Type

With Linear Fitting Functions and Touch Panel Control
Compact Air Leak Tester
FLZ-0220 series

Settings and operation are easy thanks to the touch panel icon display. Delivers high-performance testing in a small body.

  • Easy touch panel operation
  • Equipped with linear fitting correction function as standard
  • Compatible with positive pressure to negative pressure in just one unit
  • High-precision testing with auto-calibration function (optional)
  • Compatible with barcode reader (optional)
Basic specification
Pressure Range -90kPa~990kPa
Power Source 24V DC±10%
Power Consumption Approx. 80W
External Dimensions (Unit: mm) W160×H210×D310
*Excluding extruded sections
Mass Approx. 6 kg
Direct-pressure Type
Compact Leak Tester

This leak tester detects a leak through pressure drop after applying test pressure to the inspection item. The detection sensitivity of the direct pressure type is lower than the differential pressure type. It is suitable for measuring pressure drop of 0.1 to 100kPa.

Basic specification
Pressure Range -90〜990kPa
Power Source AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
AC110V±10% 60Hz
Applied Current 150VA
External Dimensions (Unit: mm) W172.9×H273.6×D355
*Excluding extruded sections
Mass Approx. 10 kg

Discontinued products: FL-293, 294, 286, 296

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