Standard Type

Corresponding type to Work Volume
Corresponds to Work Volume Air Leak Tester
FL-3600/FL-3700/FL-3800 series

This leak tester expands the piping to a work for pressurization and exhaust to reduce the time for pressurization and exhaust inhibiting the effect by compression heat.

  • Recommended work internal volume

     [ FL-3600: 1mL ~50mL ]
     [ FL-3700: 30mL ~2L ]
     [ FL-3800: 1L ~50L ]

※Products with similar functions: FL-2600/FL-2700(w/o turbo function)

Basic specification
Pressure Range -90kPa〜3.5MPa
Power Source AC90〜110 50/60Hz
Applied Current 150VA
External Dimensions (Unit: mm) W250×H349×D388
*Excluding extruded sections
Mass Approx.18kg (FL-3700)

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