What is an Air Leak Tester?

Air leak testers judge leaks by pressurizing the inside (or outside) of sealed work by air and measuring the pressure change. When the master with no leak and work with leak are pressurized, the pressure of the work with leak will decrease generating pressure difference between the master and work. The leak is measured from this pressure difference. Generally, this differential pressure type air leak test is used for leak check. However, FUKUDA provides a lineup of products using a direct pressure type leak test or a Flow Meter according to the leak rate in addition to differential type leak testers. Furthermore, air is used as the medium for tests with these testers in which running cost is low and is environment friendly.

Standard Type

FL-610 seriesNormal Type

This is a multi-purpose air leak tester. Master-less air leak testing is possible.

FL-611 seriesHigh-pressure Testing Compatible

It is compatible with test pressure of up to 5MPa. Master-less air leak testing is possible.

FL-612 seriesFeaturing a Temperature Offset Function

This is a leak tester with temperature offset function, appropriate for shortening the cooling process.

FLZ-0620 seriesWith Auto-calibration Function

This is a simple air leak tester with Auto-calibration Function. It is a Separated Type.

Compact Type

FLZ-0220 seriesWith Linear Fitting Functions and Touch Panel Control

The latest compact model, including linear fitting functions and touch panel control as standard.

FL-273 seriesDirect-pressure Type

This leak tester detects a leak through pressure drop after applying test pressure to the inspection item.

Separated Type

LPU-300 seriesSeparated Type

An air pressure unit used in combination with an external control device. The distance between the measuring area and the test piece can be eliminated, and the measuring volume can be reduced.

LPU-100/024 seriesSeparated Type

This is a tester that unitizes only the sensor and circuit. You can combine it with a separate display unit to be installed into the automated equipment.

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