Leak TesterWe will suggest some appropriate leak testers suited for the product you would like to leak test.

Air Leak Tester

This is a device that measures the leak rate by reading the changes in air pressure. It is a highly versatile device used in a wide range of fields.

[Minimum Detectable Leak Rate, Reference Value]
1×10-4 Pa・m3/s
Flow Tester/Laminar Flow Meter

Measures the leak via mass Flow Meter or laminar. It is recommended for test components with a varied volume, where measurement becomes unstable if an air leak tester is used.

[Minimum Detectable Leak Rate, Reference Value]
8×10-1 Pa・m3/s
Hydrogen Leak Tester

This leak tester has the ability to measure small leaks that cannot be detected in air leak testers. In addition, this leak tester is able to specify the location of the leak. An industrial gas mixture (non-flammable gas: ISO10156:2010), containing 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, is used as the tracer gas. We have a lineup of detectors and system products.

[Minimum Detectable Leak Rate, Reference Value]
3×10-4 Pa・m3/s
Helium Leak Test System

This is a leak test system appropriate for high-accuracy or high-pressure leak testing. A helium leak test system works by using helium gas as a tracer gas and by detecting the bombed helium that is found from the leak site. This leak test method allows the finest leak detection out of all Fukuda leak testers.

[Minimum Detectable Leak Rate, Reference Value]
5×10-7 Pa・m3/s
Principles/Mechanism of Leak Testing

Leak Test Devices According to Test TargetWe have various leak testers made specific to the test target.

Electronic Components Leak Test System

Leak Test Systems for compact electronic parts requiring airtightness such as crystal devices, ceramic oscillators, optical devices, power semiconductor devices , CAN devices, laser diodes, MEMS-related products, SAW filters, compact relays, and capacitors.

Ultra Fine Leak Test System

Optimal leak tester for compact electronic parts requiring high airtightness and use over many years. The system detects ultra fine leaks to the 10-15 level using helium leak testing.

Air Leak Test System
For Hermetic Seals

These are devices that test for water (products equivalent to IPX7, 8) and air tightness in sealed items. These types of devices can be used on a wide range of items such as electronic devices (smartphones and tablets) and packaging containers.

Test Parts Size
W80×D130×H55 mm or below MSZ-0700
W190×D150×H75 mm or below MSZ-0900
W300×D210×H75 mm or below MSZ-0800
Air Leak Test System
For Packaging Containers

This is a device to test the seal of various packaging containers, such as Pillow packaging, Vials, Strip Package, PTP Packaging etc.

Test Parts Size
W130 × D180 × H65 mm or below MSP-0101
Custom Products

We will custom-build a leak test device to suit customer needs. We are able to build highly-reliable leak testers for various items, including seal jigs and components around the testers, using our knowhow that we have accumulated over the years. We will cater to a wide range of needs, from low to high pressure and from low flow rate to high flow rate, by proposing the most appropriate testing method (for air, hydrogen, helium) that suit the customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

Principles/Mechanism of Leak Testing

Flow Standard/Calibrator/Peripheral EquipmentFukuda offers tools for using the leak tester under optimum conditions.

Flow Standard/Calibrator

This is a device used for leak tester calibration. We are also able to issue a traceability certificate for this unit.

Peripheral Equipment

Peripheral Equipment for Leak tester.Leverage for more effective leak test.

Control Equipment/Pressure Gauge/CalibratorFukuda-developed high-accuracy gas measurement and control equipments.

Electric Pneumatic Regulator

Accuracy : 0.1%.Fukuda-developed electric pneumatic regulators that control pressure/flow rate with high repeatability.


Fukuda-developed regulators that control pressure/flow rate with high repeatability.

Digital Pressure Gauge

This is a digital pressure gauge featuring high-accuracy pressure sensor.

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