Privacy Policy

The personal information provided by the customers to Fukuda Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) through the Company’s website in forms of inquiries or emails will be treated according to the personal information protection policy.

When the Company acquires, retains, uses, or discloses the customer personal information, it will make best efforts to protect the customer’s rights and interests.

Normally, the customers can visit the Company’s website without disclosing their personal information, and their personal information will not be collected by merely viewing the website.

Once the customer personal information is obtained, the Company takes proper safety measures to stop the information leaks, losses, damages, and unauthorized accesses to the customer personal information.

The Company will use the customer personal information only to the extent to achieve the following purposes.
  1. To execute contracts between the customer and the Company
  2. To forward invitations for exhibits, events, new products, etc. to the customers
  3. To provide customer services
  4. For marketing and other analysis
Unless a prior approval is obtained from the customer, the Company will not provide the customer’s personal information to a third party. However, in the following circumstances, the Company may provide the customer’s personal information to a third party, without a prior approval from the customer.
  1. In order to comply with the law
  2. In order to protect from life threatening danger, bodily harm, or loss of property, and when a prior approval is difficult to obtain from the customer
  3. In order to cooperate with national or local government organizations or entities entrusted from such organizations to execute legal duties, and when obtaining an approval from the customer may interfere with carrying out such duties.

The Company complies with the laws and other rules related to the handling of the customer personal information, and continuously reviews the content of the personal information protection policy in order to improve it.

Contact information regarding the personal information protection policy
Address : 3-16-5, Nukui, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL. 81-3-3577-1111

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