New Product Introduction


Portable Hydrogen Leak DetectorHDA-0100 series
HDA-0100 series

Compact, lightweight, Cordless and rechargeable battery compatible Hydrogen Leak Detector.
HDA-0100 is easy-to-use shape for sniffer measurements.

  • Greater range and greater sensitivity.
  • Sensitivity 0.5~5000ppm .
  • Capable of detecting 1 × 10-6Pa・m3/s .(However, availability may vary depending on the measurement environment and other factors.)


Multipurpose Flow TesterFMZ-1063 series
FMZ-1063 series

FMZ-1063 is an all-in-one flow tester that enables to accurate flow measurement easily.

  • FMZ-1063 is a flow tester with a built-in mass flowmeter
  • High accuracy ±3.5 % of R.D.±1 digit(regular flow rate range).
  • Shorter measurement times is realized (scan measurement).


Air Leak Test Systems For Packaging ContainersMSP-0101 series
MSP-0101 series

This is an air leak test equipment for checking the sealability of packaging containers.

  • The integrity testing of pharmaceuticals.
  • It is more efficient than a Submergence (visual) Test.
  • Testing is also quantified for scientific quality management.
  • Test Results that are both quantitative and reproducible.
  • Applicable works:Pillow packaging, Vials, Strip Package, PTP Packaging etc.
This product does not sell to overseas.


Bombing /Gross /Fine Leak Test SystemMSX-7000 series
MSX-7000 series

The highest level of technology in the industry, along with our full experience is packed into this fully-automatic inspection system which conducts the entire process from bombing, to gross and fine leak functions.

  • High-speed fully-automatic inspection 1.0 second/piece (bombing 60 minutes)
  • Can be used for 1.0 x 0.8, 1.2 x 1.0 mm sizes
  • Enhanced conveyance accuracy via a position correction device that uses image processing
  • Testing coverage: Crystal devices (SMD type)


Compact Air Leak TesterFLZ-0220 series
FLZ-0220 series

This air leak tester is the latest release in the compact model range.It delivers high-performance testing in a small body.

  • Easy touch panel operation
  • Equipped with a linear fitting correction function as standard
  • Compatible with positive pressure to negative pressure in just one unit
  • High-precision testing with auto-calibration function (optional)
  • Compatible with barcode reader (optional)


Auto calibration Air Leak TesterFLZ-0620 series
FLZ-0620 series

An air-leak tester with improved leak volume precision, which converts its results based on auto-calibration for effects of environmental changes (both ambient temperature and pressure etc.)

  • Improved precision of leak sensitivity through auto calibration based Flow standards
  • Improved testing precision from a stabilized zero point
  • Separation of the testing station (Greater homogenization of test part and sensor environments)


Ultra Fine Leak Test SystemMUH-0100 series
MUH-0100 series

This system conducts airtight testing by ultra-fine leak testing (the Capsule-Accumulation Method).

  • Tests ultra-fine leaks 4×10-15Pa・m3/s(He)
  • The ‘Capsule-Accumulation Method’
  • Applicable test parts: MEMS parts, Small electric parts


Air Leak Test System For Hermetic SealsMSZ-0900series

These are devices that carry out air leak tests for water and air tightness in sealed items.

  • A5 size (W210×D170×H75mm)
  • IPX7,8 (Waterproof standards)


Air Leak Test System For Hermetic SealsMSZ-0800series

These are devices that carry out air leak tests for water and air tightness in sealed items.

  • A4 size (W320×D230×H75mm)
  • IPX7,8 (Waterproof standards)


Gross Leak Test SystemMSZ-6200series

A system to measure gross leak of minute electronic components(MEMS device, quartz oscillator, etc.)of 2.0mm×1.6mm size minimum in full automatic operation. It is capable of performing high-speed test of 0.5 seconds per piece.

  • Measurement accuracy 2.0×10-7Pa・m3/sec(equivalent standard leak)

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