Hydraulic and pneumatic component industries

*Below list is an example. We will provide solutions to the appropriate testing method based on the shape, structure, and material conditions of the test target, as well as other requirements such as measurement duration and leak standards.

Test Target
(Test Object)
Reference Values
(Leak Rate)
leak detection method
Recommended Products
Inspection Systems Leak Tester
Leak Detecter
Air Compressor 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Air Pressure Solenoid Valve for Electric Trains 3.3×10-4 Air FLZ-0220
Air Tank 1.0×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Compressor Case 4.6×10-6 Helium HES-2000
High-Pressure Valve 2.4×10-8 Helium HES-2000
Hydraulic Cylinder 5.0×10-4 Helium Custom Made Products
Hydraulic Solenoid Valve 5.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Oil Cooler 8.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Oil Pump 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Rubber Hose for Gas Cylinder 8.3×10-4 Air Custom Made Products FL-611
Vacuum Tank 1.0×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Principles/Mechanism of Leak Testing:

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