Electric and electronic industries

*Below list is an example. We will provide solutions to the appropriate testing method based on the shape, structure, and material conditions of the test target, as well as other requirements such as measurement duration and leak standards.

Test Target
(Test Object)
Reference Values
(Leak Rate)
leak detection method
Recommended Products
Inspection Systems Leak Tester
Leak Detecter
Air Pressure Solenoid Valve for Electric Trains 5.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Area Sensor 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Battery for Radio Transmitter 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Cable Assembly 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Ceramic Oscillator 1.0×10-9 Air+Helium MSX-6200
Condenser 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Connector 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Crystal Oscillator 1.0×10-9 Air+Helium MSX-6200
Digital Camera 1.0×10-4 Air MSZ-0800
Glass Wafer 1.0×10-5 Helium Custom Made Products
Harness 1.5×10-4 hydrogen Custom Made Products HD-111
Ink Jet 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Lithium-Ion Battery 8.0×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Marine Radio Transmitter 1.0×10-4 Air MSZ-0800
MEMS 1.0×10-7~4.0×10-15 Air+Helium MSX-0101
4.0×10-15 Helium MUH-0100
Mobile Relay Box 1.0×10-4 Air MSZ-0800
Pressure Sensor 1.0×10-9 Air+Helium MSX-0101
4.0×10-15 Helium MUH-0100
Radiator for Personal Computers 2.0×10-8 Helium HES-2000
Relay 1.6×10-4 Air MSZ-0700
Resin Lens 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
SAW Filter 1.0×10-9 Air+Helium MSX-6200
Sight Camera 8.3×10-4 Air Custom Made Products MI-172T
small electronic components 1.0×10-9 Air+Helium MSX-6200
4.0×10-15 Helium MUH-0100
Smartphone Connector 8.3×10-5 Air Custom Made Products FL-610
Switch 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Transformer 1.0×10-3 Helium HES-2000
Waterproof Camera (IPX8) 1.0×10-4 Air MSZ-0700
Waterproof Connector 8.3×10-5 Air Custom Made Products FL-610
Principles/Mechanism of Leak Testing:

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