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*Below list is an example. We will provide solutions to the appropriate testing method based on the shape, structure, and material conditions of the test target, as well as other requirements such as measurement duration and leak standards.

Test Target
(Test Object)
Reference Values
(Leak Rate)
leak detection method
Recommended Products
Inspection Systems Leak Tester
Leak Detecter
ABS 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Air Conditioner Line 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Automobile Camera Cable 1.8×10-3 Air Custom Made Products FL-610+CBU600
Automobile Muffler 1.0×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Automobile Rubber Hose 30Pa(Differential Pressure ) Air FL-610+CBU600
Axle 5.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Base Unit for Fuel Pump 15Pa/sec Helium HES-2000
Battery 5.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Booster 5.0×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Bracket for Fuel Cell Vehicles 5.0×10-7 Helium HES-2000
Brake Caliper 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Brake Flow Sheet 5.0×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Canister 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Cast Inverter Water System After Machining 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
CGG Tray 8.3×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Compressor Front Case 1.5×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Compressor Housing 5.0×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Compressor Rear Case 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Connectors 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Converter 5.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Crankcase (Crank Room) 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Crankcase (Water Jacket) 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Cylinder Block (Oil Circuit) 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Cylinder Head (Oil Circuit) 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Cylinder Head (Water Circuit) 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Cylinder Head Block 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Cylinder Head Cover 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Cylinder Injection Engine Fuel System Leaks 1.7×10-4~5.0×10-4 hydrogen Custom Made Products HD-111
Differential Gear Case 1.2×10-2 Air FL-611
EGR Valve 1.5×10-1 Air FL-611
Engine Assembly 1.0×10-2 Air FL-610+CBU600
3.4×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Engine Fuel System Components 5.0×10-8 Helium HES-2000
EV Motor Case 1.8×10-1 Air FL-610+CBU600
Evaporator/Heater Core 3.6×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Exhaust Heat Collector 2.3×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Extension 5.0×10-3 Air FL-611
For Fuel Tank 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Front Case Housing 5.0×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Fuel Delivery Pipe 1.0×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Fuel Pump 1.7×10-3 Air Custom Made Products FL-611
Fuel Tank 1.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Harness 1.5×10-4 hydrogen Custom Made Products HD-111
Headlight 5.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Heat Exchanger 5.0×10-7 Helium HES-2000
Heater Core 3.98×10-6 Helium HES-2000
HEV Motor Cover 5.0×10-3 Air FL-611
High-Pressure Valve 2.4×10-8 Helium HES-2000
Housing Valve 1.0×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Injector 1.7×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Intake Manifold (Resin/Direct Injection Aluminum) 1.0×10-4 Air Custom Made Products FL-611
Inverter 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Inverter Assembly 2.8×10-2 Air FLZ-0220
Inverter Case 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Lithium-Ion Battery 5.0×10-7 Helium HES-2000
Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 2.2×10-1 Air Custom Made Products FL-610+CBU600
Lithium-Ion Battery(Liquid Inside) 2.5×10-3 Air Custom Made Products FL-612
Lower Case 6.6×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Master Cylinder 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Muffler 2.4L/min(Flow) Flow FM-1061
Oil Pan 5.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Oil Pump 1.0×10-3 Air FL-611
Oil Pump Cover 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
On-board camera 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Piston Motor 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Power Steering Motor 5.0×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Pressure Regulator 5.0×10-6 Helium HES-2000
Radiator Reserve Tank 3.3×10-3 Helium HES-2000
Resin Components of Motorcycle Fuel Pump 8.3×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Shock Absorber 1.23×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Shock Absorber Assembly 250Pa(Differential Pressure ) Air FL-611
Stainless Circular Oil Cooler 2.0×10-2 Helium HES-2000
Stainless Piping 5.0×10-8 Helium HES-2000
Steering Assembly 100Pa(Differential Pressure ) Air FLZ-0220
Tank Assembly 5.0×10-2 Air FL-611
Timing Chain Case (Water Circuit Oil Circuit) 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Tire Valve 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Torque Converter 1.7×10-4 Helium HES-2000
Transmission Assembly 5.0×10-3 Air FL-610+CBU600
Turbo Assembly 4L/min(Flow) Flow FM-1061
Vacuum Moulding Furnace 1.0×10-7 Helium HES-2000
Valve Timing Control System 5.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Various sensors for air intake and exhaust 5.0×10-5 Helium HES-2000
Vehicle Rear View Camera 10Pa(Differential Pressure ) Air Custom Made Products FL-611
Water Pump 1.0×10-4 Air FL-611
Principles/Mechanism of Leak Testing:

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