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Please use this alongside the technical manual. Values that can be obtained by entering the values are theoretical.

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Usage Method
  1. Read the technical manual, and download the necessary calculation sheet(s).
  2. Enter the values in blue-font sections of each sheet.
  3. The calculation result will appear on the red-font section.
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Calculation Sheet

Gas/Liquid Leaks

When gas/liquid flows through a fixed pipeline, its flow will differ depending on the length of the pipe, its relationship with and the pressure of the gas/liquid. There several types of flow, including turbulent flow, viscous flow, molecular flow and sharp-edge orifices.

Contents Corresponding textbook page*1 Download
The Leak Test
1-1 Calculating level of Leak Rate (Turbulent flow) P.4-6 Under
1-2 Calculating level of Leak Rate
(Viscous flow, Cylindrical tube model)
P.6-9 Ⅱ P.25―26 Download
Calculations can be carried out with
different conditions such as media or pressure.
1-3 Calculating level of Leak Rate (Molecular flow) P.10 Ⅱ P.26 Under
2-1 Relationship between Leak Rate and Detected Differential Pressure (Differential Pressure Type Air Leak Testers) P.13-15 Download
2-2 Relationship between Leak Rate and Pressure Drop Rate (Direct Pressure Type Air Leak Testers) P.22 Download
2-3 Internal volume Calculation P.15 Ⅱ P.65-66
Measure and calculate internal volumes by differential pressure air leak testers and calibrators
3 Sensitivity calculation of the hydraulic submerge method (hole diameter where bubbles stop appearing) Ⅰ P.21-23 Download
4 Unit conversion (g / y and Pa · m3 / s) Ⅱ P.37-38 Download

*1: "T" refers to the Technical Manual; "I/II" refers to the Leak Test I/II (textbook).

Helium Collection Unit Selection Sheet

Use this when specifying the HES-2000 (helium leak test system) collection unit specifications.

Contents Download
Helium Recovery Unit Selection Sheet Download
Sheet 1
Selection of Recovery Tank
Sheet 2
Calculation of Measurement Time (calculation of measurement time/required processing volume)
Unit Conversion Sheet
Contents Download
Unit Conversion -Pressure Download
Unit Conversion -Flow rate (leak rate) Under

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