Business Areas

Transportation industries
  • Airtight check of engine, transmission parts, and assemblies
  • Fuel leakage prevention check of fuel related parts
  • Battery electrolyte leakage prevention
  • Airtight check of brake parts
  • Airtight check of lights, radiators, air conditioner piping, etc.
  • Lithium ion secondary battery electrolyte leakage prevention
Medicine and Health care industries
  • Airtight check of endoscopes Assy.
  • Leakage prevention of the welded parts of transfusion bags.
Office Equipments and Precision machinery industries
  • Leakage prevention of toner and ink jet cartridges
  • Airtight check of correction fluid and liquid paste containers
Housing and Equipments industries
  • Leakage prevention of water and gas from bath tub drains and gas water heaters
  • Leakage prevention from kerosene stove fuel tanks
  • Airtight check of air conditioners and EcoCute
Food industries
  • Leakage prevention from plastic (PET) bottles
  • Prevention of pudding containers and spice tubes from bacterial contamination and corrosion.
  • Prevention of pouch bag from bacterial contamination and corrosion
Electrical and Electronic parts industries
  • Airtight check of Crystal Oscillators, Saw Filter,etc.
  • Waterproof check of area sensors, cameras, mobile phones, etc.
  • Waterproof check of electronic paper and mobile terminal for electronic tags
  • Airtight check of LED
  • Waterproof check of smart grid
  • Sealing check of MEMS micro-electronic parts

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