Ideas for improving of your Testing Environment

As all technological and industrial structures continue to evolve, FUKUDA works to provide close support initiatives for its customers from the perspective of a leak test inspection equipment manufacturer, consistently offering new ideas in solving issues as they arise. As the quality control of industrial products play a major role in working toward a globally sustainable society, FUKUDA provides reassurance and support in the safety and security of many products such as automobiles, electrical & electronic parts, as well as packaging containers centered on pharmaceuticals and foods. Take the automobile industry for example, here we are required respond to various cases such as the moves to stricter inspection standards for electrification and autonomous driving, building production lines with a background on reducing energy consumption, reviewing inspection processes, and reducing waste.
As you know, leakage testing is greatly affected by the environment in which the inspection equipment is installed, such as temperature, test pressure, and atmospheric pressure. At FUKUDA, we not only offer help with all your inspection equipment needs, but also offer ideas for improving your testing environment. Here we offer assistance by checking your usage environment and test conditions for the equipment to be installed from a range of perspectives. This service helps to improve your testing environment to obtaining more reliable measurement results.

Testing Technology not Affected by Testing Environments

As leak testing can easily be affected by environmental factors such as residual test gases, pressure stability and air quality; air, test piece temperatures and their characteristics, material and structure must be considered, FUKUDA constantly works in maintenance activities of testing environments, and the elimination of these factors by developing accurate and stable testing devices.

Sales support by leak test technicians

FUKUDA trains sales staff and technicians who possess specialized knowledge and skills in leak testing, and many qualified personnel are enrolled. At the time of business negotiations, we offer technical support, test method proposals, and proposals that will lead to the solution of problems and issues with the current equipment. Customers who are new to the system can use it with confidence.

Test Volume Standardization, Transfer Development

Activities are underway with the country's research center and other related institutions in order to standardize "Leak Volumes". FUKUDA is working on the joint development of a set flow rate tester which is to become a national standard, and a standard leak (Flow volume generation nozzle) using a set flow rate tester to be used as a transfer.

Needs Based Testing System Development

Recent years has started to see a need for a more stringent level of criterion value in leak testing due to various quality improvements, upgrades and additional functions of products, energy consumption optimization, and new energy technology using hydrogen etc. In order to meet this societal need, FUKUDA continues to work on the development of testing machines capable of testing leak volumes from the very small to the very large.

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